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Yacht Rental Dubai Prices
How much does it cost to hire a yacht in Dubai?
Rent yachts in Dubai
Yacht rental in Dubai prices
Included in the price
17 people
yacht rental in dubai
AED 650 per hour
Water, ice; fresh towels
22 people
charter and fishing
AED 660 per hour
Water, ice; fresh towels
25 people
yacht party in Dubai
AED 990 per hour
Soft drinks, water, ice; fresh towels
42 people
anniversary in Dubai
AED 1400 per hour
Soft drinks, water, ice; fresh towels
40 guests
yacht party in Dubai
AED 1550 per hour
Water only


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The best prices for yacht charter in Dubai

Our company have the large fleet of yachts and boats for chartering services; with different capacity: from 2 to 300 people; check our offers and prices for rental. Learn about the available yachts and boats for renting, cruise routes, and possible itineraries by clicking on the headings in the menu bar. With over 20 crewed yachts and speedboats, currently available for yacht rental in Dubai, you can find the right charter yacht and hire a private yacht or boat for your special event. We can arrange celebrations of birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, business meeting, team building, product launches or any yacht party in Dubai. Whether it is an intimate gathering or a large group outing, you can never go wrong with our exceptional yacht charter services and luxury yacht rental Dubai, which we provide over the years.

Discover some of the many reasons to charter a luxury private yacht for your vacation or event, rather than choosing a hotel or travelling in a large group on board a cruise ship. The YachtRentalDubai.Com allows you to explore the Dubaiโ€™s most famous and spectacular destinations in combination with comfort and luxury, from the breath-taking panorama of Burj Al Arab and Atlantis to the paradise islands of World Map Island, the options are limitless. There is also a whole range of charter yachts to choose from to suit your needs, each varying in size, style and function and facilities.

With an array of charter yachts to choose from, take to our quick and easy search and browse our different collections of charter yachts and boats by name, builder or charter special offers. Our description will guide you through everything you need to know from how to pick a charter yacht in Dubai, details of costs and capacity.

We are working 24 hours, contact us today for getting details, about: hire a yacht in Dubai, boat cruise in Dubai – we will work together to arrange the perfect yachting chartering for you and your guests. Plan your holidays with us!

How to choose the best company for your charter yacht in Dubai?

From size and price to facilities and crew, the options are limitless.

Before you browse through the yacht selection for the best yacht for your charter in Dubai, have a look at the below guide, outlining different yacht categories and how they may complement your charter. When you rent a boat in Dubai, you should make sure you get the best possible deal.

What types and sizes of the yacht in Dubai?

There are different sizes and types of motor yachts. There is the selection of luxury yachts and boats from our fleet in Dubai, with more than 20 ships and vessels, to hire a yacht in Dubai: boat 35 ft. (from 2 to 10 people), yacht 44 ft. (from 5 to 10 people), yacht 50 ft. (from 8 to 15 people), yacht 52 ft. (from 5 to 17 people), yacht 55 ft. (from 10 to 23 people), yacht 64 ft. (from 15 to 25 people), yacht 77 ft. (from 5 to 30 people), hire yacht Dubai, size: 87 ft. (from 25 to 40 people), yacht 88 ft. (up to 40 people), yacht 101 ft. (up to 50 people) Moreover, including 220 ft. However, it is always up to you what size of the yacht to choose finally.

What factors influence the base price for rent a yacht in Dubai

Yacht rental Dubai prices for rental yachts vary, even among our fleet of boats in the 44 ft. To 220 ft. size range that provides affordable cruise holidays in Dubai and vacations and much depends on age, design and the length of all yachts. You can find here and rent a yacht in Dubai by price, capacity and type of additional services (ex. Jet Ski, Banana Riding, Photo shooting and five-star catering menu). When you begin planning a luxury yacht charter in Dubai, it is crucial to be aware of what included in the cost of booking your cruise trip in Dubai. Although a yacht will have a base charter fee, this may or may not cover additional expenses such as food and water toys (Jet Ski, Banana Riding, Flyboarding), and this is subject to the terms and conditions within the charter company of UAE.

What other additional costs might there be?

Set a budget. There are companies to match almost anyone’s budget. Compared with the cost of other types of vacations, such as desert safari or staying at a resort, yacht chartering is reasonable. Before you book a charter, Gold’s Yacht team can provide you with a reasonable estimate of the additional costs that you will incur. Food is one of the largest, and it is directly proportional to how exuberantly you plan to dine.

How to plan a yacht charter in Dubai?

Your choice of yacht for rent in Dubai is mostly a matter of personal preference, as well as the availability of the dates in question. Once you have decided to embark on a luxury yacht vacation, you will need to consider all the different elements that will make up your charter. From the type of yacht to destinations and activities, planning a charter is a highly personalized process aided by the expert advice and handling of a charter broker. It is essential to start planning the trip well in advance of your cruise trip so that you have enough time to create a truly unforgettable experience explicitly tailored to the needs and expectations of you and your friends. Make sure that you choose the yacht or boat wherein you will be comfortable. These yachts have a very luxurious and has a comfy design. Check all the pictures and descriptions.

Our recommendations for yacht rental in Dubai?

With the list of our yachts available for charter in Dubai, finding the right one for you might seem daunting. The process possible to compare to buying a house in that there are multiple options and different aspects that need to take into consideration, such as size, location, capacity (allowed a maximum number of passengers), rent price and style. Whatever type of leisure you are looking for, with more than 20 charter yachts to choose from, there are always yachts that match your requirements. Hire a yacht or boat for family holidays, romantic cruise along the coast of Jumeirah (with yacht decorations and red balloons), celebrating Happy Birthday (cake and balloons free). Rent a boat for the cruise in Dubai, yacht party with your best friends, special occasions, exploring areas (Dubai Marina Canal, The World Islands) or remote regions (Abu Dhabi Marina Club, Ras Al-Khaimah Marina, Fujairah with the breathtaking view on mountains), do it your way!

What you have to know about renting price a yacht in Dubai?

We are managing a fleet of yachts which ranges from 27 ft. To 220 ft. Speedboats and luxury yachts, with a unique and exciting product, launches to adventure-based team building, our corporate program yacht charter offers a unique setting for building business relationships and impressing potential clients. Your cruise trip or deep sea fishing in Dubai may start from Dubai Marina Yacht Club, Eastern part of Dubai Marina Walk or DIMC (Dubai International Marina Club) and it moves along the sky-rise buildings of lagoon area and Lagoon of Palm Jumeirah. Your two hours yacht charter trip gives you the opportunity to capture the moments in the sea while having iconic Burj al Arab in the backdrop. You will witness from the sea, the fantastic architecture of Atlantis, The Palm with photography session there. Experience is everything when you charter a yacht or boat, so it is crucial you find the right vessel. On this page, you can see the most beautiful luxury yachts and speedboats for charter with specific features including BBQ facilities, swimming pools, and different water toys (Jet Ski, Banana and Flyboarding).

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