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A varied menu for our customers
Our menus
Romantic setup
Romantic setup Full Menu
all setup from 1350 AED
all managed by us, your task is to enjoy
Catering overview
Catering overview Full Menu
starting at the lowest price!
see what we can offer and decide what you need!
Best Sellers Menu
Best Sellers Menu Full Menu
starting at 125 AED/set
many meals, that truly succeeded in catching our customers' attention
Cakes Menu
Cakes Menu Full Menu
starting at 195 AED
includes many cakes, rolls, jellys and more
General Menu
General Menu Full Menu
from 90 AED/set
5+ different sets for every need that you can have!
Mega Yacht Menu
Mega Yacht Menu Full Menu
starting at 150 AED/set
Lobster, Prawns, Calamari, Mussels, Salad, Desert


For your convenience and relaxation fulfilment, we are offering onboard a five-star catering menu and services for any occasion. The award-winning chefs with warm and attentive services will ensure that your food experience is excellently satisfying in every way.

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