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Fishing trip in Fujairah

VIP Fishing in Indian Ocean
from 4000 AED
All prices exclude VAT of 5%
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Price includes
  • - Luxury transfer (Dubai–Fujairah–Dubai)
  • - Speedboat with aquarium for live bite (4–7 pax)
  • - Fishing equipment (Kingfisher Tackle, Pulsator lures, Bite Me Jigs)
  • - Soft drinks, water, ice
  • - Swimming in High Ocean (Gulf of Oman, Indian Ocean)
Our boats for fishing in Fujeirah

Boat 38 ft.

5 hours

4500 AED

up to 7 persons

snacks & drinks

equipment – FREE

Boat 32 ft.

5 hours

4000 AED

up to 4 persons

snacks & drinks

equipment – FREE

Additional payment (about 60-80 aed/person)
  • – Guests can have their fish prepared at Harbor Club Restaurant (sashimi, fried, grilled, salads etc.)
    – Drinks and Alcoholic beverages (extra)

Fishing in Fujairah

Are you looking for a breathtaking experience in the United Arab Emirates? Opt for a fishing trip in Fujairah on a boat!


Rent a fishing charter in Fujairah, and have an unforgettable time with your family, friends or colleagues. In Fujairah, luxury boats of all kinds are possible to rent for the day, for a weekend. It’s a pretty unusual way to discover the area and have an original activity.


In this article, discover all the details of why you should book your Fujairah fishing trip and some tips on how to manage your journey. It’s time to relax and enjoy life at sea!

Why you should choose fishing charter in Fujairah

Chartering a luxury boat in Dubai is an incredible experience. For a day or more, sail under the sun with the Dubai skyline on the horizon. Stop at sea to snorkel, rare fish species, and swim in the marvellous Indian ocean. Then enjoy a delicious meal prepared by the crew at the harbour. Sunbathe on the sundeck at the front of the boat, listen to the sound of the waves… and celebrate your life with friends!


With a Fujairah fishing charter, you will have a feeling of exclusivity. No other visitors on the boat, as if you had your own private villa on the sea. This is the most intimate way to visit Dubai’s surroundings, far from tourists and noise.


Once you arrive at the fishing point, your captain will give you quick tips to make you a real fisherman. Thanks to high-tech equipment (kingfisher tackle, pulsator lure, bite me jigs, sonar, fish finder, etc.), catching big fish will be easier. The crew will help you prepare your lines and your bait and you can then fish for fish such as grouper, tuna or even barracuda! Don’t hesitate to take a picture of yourself with your best shots!

Key advantages of fishing in Fujairah

On board, enjoy an exceptional service offered by the crew of the boat, depending on the formula you choose. There is something for everyone! Some formulas may include a romantic dinner, wedding party or special preparations for other events.


Finally, you can book your fishing trip Fujairah and take advantage of:

  • transfer from Dubai is included in the price;
  • Fujairah’s season is a full 12 months long. It means Fujairah deep sea fishing in summer is as possible as during the winter months;
  • you can catch a big variety of species, for example, Black Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Long Tail Tuna, Dorado, Amberjack, Wahoo, Red Snapper, Great Barracuda, Rainbow Runner, Threadfin Trevally;
  • chartering out of Fujairah is still an undiscovered fishing spot, which is better than many top fishing spots that sport fishermen target around the world;
  • different soft drinks included in the package;
  • all fish you catch can be prepared at the harbour club restaurant.

Organize your fishing trip in Fujairah

Once your fishing day is over, you will then be brought back to the mainland before being driven back to Dubai.


Here is the list of things to keep in mind when booking a fishing boat in Dubai:

  • Choose your boat. We have different boats depending on your needs. There are boats with up to 7 guests;
  • Choose the duration according to your desires: an afternoon for a birthday or a party, a weekend to recharge your batteries or a week to visit Dubai and its surroundings. All our boats are available at least for 5 hours of fishing in Fujairah.


Any questions? Contact us to book your trip now!

Price includes
  • - Luxury transfer (Dubai–Fujairah–Dubai)
  • - Speedboat with aquarium for live bite (4–7 pax)
  • - Fishing equipment (Kingfisher Tackle, Pulsator lures, Bite Me Jigs)
  • - Soft drinks, water, ice
  • - Swimming in High Ocean (Gulf of Oman, Indian Ocean)
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Fishing Trip in Fujairah

Whether you're a professional angler or a beginner looking to dip your toe in the water, Dubai has become a popular destination for fishermen. There are various reasons for this, not only because it is a magnificent vacation spot, but also because it has great weather, a choice of tour companies, and oceans filled with hundreds of different species of fish waiting to be caught. Everything from bass and flounder to hammer and small sharks may be caught here.

Dubai has grown so famous among fishermen that it now stages some of the world's top sea fishing competitions. If you're looking for a great area to go fishing, this is the place to go. Fujairah, a picturesque emirate nestled between the Hajar Mountains and the Gulf of Oman, is a secret paradise for recreational anglers. Its pristine coastline and thriving marine ecosystems offer a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the major UAE towns, making it a must-visit location for fishing lovers looking for a one-of-a-kind fishing experience.

Fujairah is home to several excellent fishing spots, including the well-known Snoopy Island, the intriguing Martini Rock, and the gorgeous Dibba Rock. Anglers may also explore the emirate's numerous inlets and bays, each with its distinct angling habitat. The best fishing season in Fujairah is from October to May when the temperature is cooler and the fish are more active, making it a great time for a fun and successful fishing trip in Fujairah.

Targeted Species

The rivers of Fujairah are brimming with a broad assortment of fish species that will entice recreational fishers. Swift kingfish, tasty hammour (grouper), commonly found around rocky structures and coral reefs, and acrobatic queenfish are among the most sought-after species. Other popular species among fishermen are the hardy cobia and the elusive barracuda. These species not only present an exciting challenge for fishermen but also highlight Fujairah's extensive marine biodiversity.

The rules of fishing in Dubai

While Dubai is an excellent area to go fishing, the restrictions are rather rigorous if you want to participate in the Fujairah fishing spots. Citizens and residents must currently get a fishing license from their municipality to fish. This is an annual recreational fishing license. However, if you are a tourist wishing to go fishing in Fujairah on your vacation, you must do it through a licensed vendor/tour guide. Unfortunately, you can't just show up with your fishing gear and start fishing. 

The good news is that there are several excellent vendors/tour guides available who can give you the necessary short-term license and equipment. They will also know where to take you so that you can make the most of your time there. If you are caught fishing without a license, you might face serious consequences. If you own a boat and want to fish from it, you must provide your boat license, ID, and rental contract. 

Deep-sea fishing in Fujairah is weather-dependent, which means you must wait for the coast guard to authorize them. You will also be required to take your passports on the journey as part of the Dubai Coastguard order. Now that we've established the fundamentals, let's look at some of the top sites to visit throughout your vacation. 

Top Techniques

Anglers in Fujairah use a range of fishing tactics, with trolling and bottom fishing being particularly productive. Trolling with artificial lures or baited lines is an efficient method of catching kingfish and barracuda in open waters. Bottom fishing with weighted baited hooks around rocky structures and reefs is good for catching demersal species like hammerhead and snapper. Light equipment and tiny hooks might increase your chances of capturing a varied range of fish species in Fujairah's various fishing spots.

Fishing Seasons


This fish comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, and you can find it in Dubai at Arabian Grouper Also known as greasy grouper, they live on deep coastal reefs and can grow to be up to 100 cm long. They are solitary animals with pale greenish-gray bodies and heads with brown patches. Their active season lasts from January through April, with a mixed season in May and December for Fishing in Fujairah.

Orange-spotted Grouper - This popular fish has a tan body on top and a whitish underbelly, as well as the name-giving reddish-brown dots. They may be seen swimming in small groups or alone, and they eat crabs, fish, and prawns. Their active fishing season runs from January to April, with a mixed season in May and December and a moderately busy season in October and November for Fishing in Fujairah.

Yellowfin tuna

It is one of the largest tuna species, weighing up to 180 kg, and is found in tropical and subtropical waters all around the world. This fish is distinguished by its metallic dark blue back and top side, a yellow or silver color underside, and vivid yellow fins and finlets. They usually swim in mixed schools with skipjack and other tunas, and they eat crustaceans and cephalopods. From May through September, you may go fishing in Fujairah for them.


Barracudas, with their snake-like look and fang-shaped fangs, are fascinating creatures. They are brown or blue-grey on top with a white underside and are commonly found on nearshore coral reefs, sea grasses, and mangroves, while they may also survive in the open ocean, primarily at or near the surface. They are reported to be drawn to reflecting, metallic things that resemble the silverfish that make up a big portion of their diet. Their active season is from January to March and September to December, with a mixed season from April to August for Fishing in Fujairah.


There are two boats, which are 32 ft. for 4000 AED (5 hours), and a boat 38 ft. for 4500 AED (5 hours). Choose your boat. Depending on your requirements, we have a variety of boats. Choose the period that best matches your needs: an afternoon to celebrate a birthday or party, a weekend to recharge, or a week to tour Dubai and its surroundings. Some boats can hold up to 7 people. All of our boats are accessible in the Fujairah fishing spot for at least 5 hours.

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